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It's another one of those days, where I get the random urge to say something that could possibly be mocked all over the internet. -.-;

To be totally honest, I forgot I had opened a livejournal until about ten minutes ago, and I can't quite remember why I opened one in the first place, but I'll use it as a rant location.

Life has gotten really busy all of a sudden. To add to the chaos of starting the new college semester, I've been really busy at work. Most of you know that I work as a model, and for whatever retarded reason...after months of getting a job every two weeks, I've been booked on runway shows twice a week for the past two, the communute is usually about 145 miles round trip, two days per job (one rehearsal and one show) and I'm beat!

The practical upshot of being a model is that it pays well enough that I'm beginning the road to independance from my family!

I've been adding to my 'family' recently too. To add to my cat, Peter, and my toadfish, Hades, I've acquired a beta (Posiden <- spelled wrong) and since Peter was very lonely with me being gone so much, I found him a friend.

Luck was with me when I decided I wanted another cat. I was in a class, chatting with a friend and mentioned that I needed to look for a friend for Peter. She told me that she had a cat that she was looking for a home for, because they couldn't keep her. She was the right age (just over one year old) and she's so friendly. I got her free of charge, and she's a purebred Himalayen (<- probably also spelled wrong).

Peter accepted her instantly, and they're good friends, so I feel less guilty about leaving him alone in the apartment.

In other news, for the first time in my life I feel smarter than a bunch of engineers! I recently decided to get my degree in Videogame Development and Design, for which I have to take programming courses. I'm good at programming. The dozen engineers in the class can work Microsoft Word and the Internet - past that they're hopeless. I don't know why it is that there are only three computer science majors in a programming class (otherwise filled with engineers) but it's a nice ego boost.

The rest of my classes are fun, and I particularly enjoy my karate course. I made team, and I do appreciate the opportunity to vent off my frustrations on whoever I'm sparring against.

To all my friends who see this, I hope you're all in good health and enjoying the transition into fall as much as I am.
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Again, with my millions of metal lapses, I've neglected an important aspect of my life - the fact that I have friends online that have never met me OR my toadfish. So to rectify that, a few anecdotes and pictures to clarify...along with my apologies to everyone.

Okay, so this is a toadfish. Most people think they're the ugliest thing on the face of the planet...most, that is, who have heard of them. MOST of the human race lives in ignorant bliss, unaware of the threat lurking in the depths of the ocean.

So that sounds really dark. I'll tell you how I learned of the toadfish, in an abbreviated version of a very long story. While I lived in Virginia, I took a Marine Science class that was very strongly graded based on how well you took care of a saltwater tank filled with fish we caught straight out of the Chesapeake Bay. Now, I didn't have much of interest in my tank, so when my teacher's friend (a marine educator) brought in some fish he didn't know what to do with, I was one of the first to go look and see if there was anything I was interesting in adopting.

There, in the tank, was a little, UGLY brown fish...about one inch long.

Well, idiot that I am and sucker for baby animals, I HAD to open my mouth. "Oh, he's cute!" Well, no one else wanted him...so he was mine. I didn't know what I had signed up for. And let me tell everyone who doesn't know, DAMN, was that a mistake. This little shit proved to be more than I could ever have hoped to imagine.

For instance, once I learned he was a toadfish, I also learned that they live for 20+ years, and get about a foot and a half long fully grown. Furthermore, they have THREE ROWS OF TEETH...like sharks, but with a worse temperment.

I named him Houdini.

Houdini caused me more trouble than imaginable. I would describe, but that would take a long, LONG time. So suffice to say that he concluded his stay in my high school tank by biting the hell out of the marine educator who came to take him back to the Chesapeake Bay at the end of the year. Needlessly to stay, Houdini came home with me instead.

He finally went to a new home in the Baltimore Aquarium, and I went out west for college. Lo and behold, I got out here and was showing some girls a picture of Houdini. One said, "You know I could swear I saw a fish like this at the shop I worked at over the summer."

I had to check it out. And...well, I got there and it turns out that they had accidentally ordered a toadfish and couldn't sell it - no one in their right mind wanted to own an animal that growls, bites and hates humanity with a passion. Well...no one but me, that is.

I should elaborate again. The toadfish, in the fish world is the closest to humans by way of vocal cords and stuff. I can't really explain it - I'm stupid. Lol...But the point is that toadfish make noise humans can hear. It's a variety of noises ranging from grunts, chirps and squeaks to outright growling.

Back on track, I saw the toadfish and knew I had to take him. I got a huge deal, I paid about $100 for the fish, the tank and everything else.

Lo and behold, I have a toadfish. His names is Hades.

He just took a snap at my 'room mates' boyfriend. Genius was like, "No fish would bit me." While I was feeding him (He eats live feeders). So, he put his hand in the tank, and I didn't stop him.

He almost lost his finger.

Okay, so that's the toadfish for those who didn't know.
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Okay, where to start? Okay, half of you guys in VA haven't heard from me in a while. I promise I haven't died. Maybe. My medications have been so screwed up I don't know whether I'm standing on the floor or the ceiling half of the time, so they're completely pulling me off of everything to run some new tests on me. Yes, you heard it right - I'll be completely unmedicated for the first time since seventh grade. Wish humanity luck.

Seriously though, I'm a little worried. There's no telling WHAT I'll do while I'm off my meds - the good news is that I'll only be off of them for a week. The straightjacket should last that long, right? Lol.

The bad news is that I have to drop out of college for this semester. They (being my dad and the military doctors) don't want me unattended while I'm off my meds, but I can't imagine why.

Um...there are a few new things in my life. Well, one, at least. It's a rather new invention, or something that I never became aware of before college - the television. Lol. (I'm not hyper) More specifically, I've become absolutely addicted to a show on A&E called Mindfreak. It is, without a doubt, the only thing I've seen on television EVER that's worth watching. Well...until they put out an anime series based on FFVII, that is.

More seriously, though, the show is brilliant. You all should watch it. And I should get paid for promoting it like I do. >.<

But on that note, I have some exciting-ish news. I've been working with some amazing people who work on the Mindfreak team to get some 'insider' information on the production process for a live tour that Criss will be doing (thought to be premiering in 2008...but who knows?) and that potential audition opportunity. They're the first group of people to actually work with me...so that's promising, at least. Not to mention, of course, that I would be thrilled to work with someone like Criss - he's an awesome guy...one of the few males on this planet that I respect enough to consider working with.

Again, you ALL should watch it. It's on A&E on Wednesdays at 10:00 EST.

I'm not sure who has missed this update, but I feel like talking about it anyway: My toadfish.

Hades is doing well. He went through a phase of illness last month, but he seems to be over it now, fortunately. I'm looking forward to stuffing him in a bucket to drive him 2+ hours south to Colorado Springs (where I'll be staying while I'm off my meds). He's going to LOVE it. Not.

Other than that, my last football game is tomorrow, and I'm thrilled. It sounds sad that I'm excited that the end of the marching season has arrived, but you know...the lack of discipline in the band (especially after marching with Forge!) is just too much for me. I guess my expectations were just too high...but seriously, the flutes don't keep their instruments level, the brass are 'playing to the ants' as Mr. Loft would say, marching style is atrocious, toes down going forward, heels down going back...as a former Band Staff member at Forge, it makes me want to kill something!

Let me elaborate: THEY LOOK LIKE SHIT.

I want to beat the flutists until they get their flutes parallel. I want to KILL the trumpets, horns and trombones because their horns aren't just level, they're pointing at the ground! By the way, did I mention that memorizing music is entirely optional? And rehearsal is only a suggestion? And remembering sets is extra credit? My God! It can't POSSIBLY get worse...and at the banquet on Wednesday, the director said, "This is the best band we've had in years!"

I wanted to cry.

He couldn't possibly be serious...but he was!

I honestly don't know if I'll march next year. It just doesn't seem worth it after this year, where the only thing the band was going at was fucking up. And the horrible part...is that it's acceptable. They show up to performances with their uniforms dirty (we keep ours - it's our responsibility to keep it clean and well-cared for) and shoes unpolished. Brass players wear their hats incorrectly or not at all, gloves are filthy...we sound horrible in the stands because the morons forgot their music...

It's absolutely awful.

Now that I've depressed myself...I'll change the topic.


Damn, I don't have another topic.

Okay, that's it, I guess.
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Visit My Website

I'm in the process of building my own FFVII webpage - please let me know if the links aren't working, etc...
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151) ...You live out your days talking to the imaginary AVALANCHE... who answers.

152) ...It got so bad that you have been forced to go to the psychiatrist, and now you've even got him believing.

153) ...Your hair refuses to be gravity defying like Cloud's.. so you decide to spend the night hanging upside down with tubs and tubs of gel till it eventually stays in place when you turn the right way up.

154) ...You go to the local sushi restaurant, start speaking Wutaian and don't get why the staff can't understand you.

155) ...You don't find FFX-2 cheesy

156) ...You go to work with your Shinra ID badge in your Shinra ID badge neckstrap, and have a fit when the security say that it isn't correct identification.

157) ...After you get thrown out you try your luck at a pub/bar, only to be further mortified then they say they do not accept that ID either!

158) ...You are actually so angry at Sqeenix for not releasing DoC in the UK till months after the US release, that you are planning an armed invasion of SquareEnix Europe and intend to turn it into a Shinra style corperation. (guilty - its all been planned ^^)

159) ...You have pet names for your favourite FF character "His Ruffleness", "Rufy-Wufy" etc.....

160) ...And your friends and family know exactly who you are talking about and don't find it odd... anymore.

Above Donated by: BangbangShinra


161.) …When you wonder whether Tifa’s boobs are real.

162.) …When this actually seems important.

163.) …When you find Palmer entertaining.

164.) …When you LIKE Scarlet’s laugh.

165.) …You’ve actually succeeded in diagnosing Kadaj’s mental illness. (Turns out, he just inherited a LOT of Hojo’s personality.)

166.) …When you wonder how long it’s been since Hojo last showered.

167.) …When you wonder why he’s green. (Makou exposure…blech!)

168.) …When you find Jenova attractive.

169.) …When you’ve figured out why Sephiroth cut off her head in the Reactor. (Actually, I HAVE figured it out. >.>)

170.) …When choosing Yuffie and Cait Sith as your permanent party makes sense.

171.) …When you’ve memorized the incantations for ALL of the summon materia.

172.) …When you spend your time inventing new summons.

173.) …When you spend your time trying to figure out how Yuffie makes her shuriken act like a boomerang…

174.) …And almost lose your arms when it DOES come back.

175.) …When your parents, who live thousands of miles away and have never played the game know all about the characters.

176.) …When you spend time trying to figure out if Reeve was ever a Turk.

177.) …When Makou Injections sound enjoyable…

178.) …Even though you pass out when you get vaccinations.

179.) …When you LIVE in your campus recreation center, trying to become strong enough for the Turks to consider when they DO show up. (THEY WILL!)

180.) …When you can never seem to remember that the goal is NOT to kill your opponent when you go to swordsmanship competitions.

181.) …When you are disappointed that the Medieval Swordsmanship Society won’t let you use your Masamune in competition.

182.) …When you tell them that you based your fighting style on Sephiroth’s, they actually understand you…

183.) …And proceed to refuse to spar with you for fear of death. (True story.)

184.) …When working on your battle uniform for the MSS, you use a rough sketch of Bahamut on your Coat of Arms. (Did it.)

185.) …When people notice, and actually know what it is.

186.) …When they think that’s cool.

187.) …When being forced to take a piano class, your professor asks you to bang out an elementary song using only the black keys, so you bang out the piccolo solo in the Katayoku…

188.) …And she knows what it is. (Happened.)

189.) …When you ENJOY running laps. (Gets you in shape for boot camp, you know?)

190.) …When twenty pushups seems easy.

191.) …When lifting weights is fun.

192.) …When you join a sharp shooting club for the sole sake of being ready when the Turks come for you.

193.) …When you actually start winning sharp shooting competitions, and you sell your medals and trophies to fund your growing Turk doujinshi collection.

194.) …When you realize that you aren’t sure who you were before FF7.

195.) …When you realize that you have more of your favorite character’s personality traits than your own…whatever those were.

196.) …When Vincent becomes tolerable.

197.) …When you cried when Zack died in Last Order.

198.) …When Hojo appeared near the end of Last Order, you literally fell out of your chair due to how fast you instinctively backed away.

199.) …When there is NOTHING in the Universe you hate more than Hojo.

200.) …When Yuffie doesn’t seem obnoxious.
201.) …When you start referring to Heaven as ‘The Promised Land.’

202.) …When you go to a surgeon to get your right hand replaced with a gun.

203.) …When you get pulled over for speeding and are asked for your license, you present the officer with your Shinra ID as your first form of identification…

204.) …And get confused when they say that the ID isn’t valid in the United States.

205.) …Then you remember that you’re in Denver, NOT Midgar, and pull out the right license.

206.) …You wonder if there’s a speed limit for chocobos.

207.) …You go around to every motorcycle manufacturer in the USA, pestering them to make you a bike, ‘Just like Cloud’s!’

208.) …When you figure out how to use the Buster Sword while speeding 90 mph down a 40 mph road…

209.) …And can’t figure out why you get arrested for reckless driving.

210.) …When your neighbors have threatened to call the police for domestic disturbance, and they’re referring directly to the way you reenact scenes from Advent Children on your front lawn with all you other obsessive friends.

211.) …When you wonder how much it would cost to have your left arm replaced with a metal claw.

212.) …When paying over $75,000 for the operation doesn’t seem unreasonable…

213.) …So you get to work trying to convince your parents that it would be fun!

214.) …You get offended when your parents tell you that you’re insane…

215.) …But agree to go to the therapist anyway. (The world is always in need of more FF7 addicts…*laughs evilly*)

216.) …You convert four consecutive psychiatrists. (True.)

217.) …The current psychiatrist announces that she just bought FF7 for her thirteen-year-old nephew for his birthday. (True.)

218.) …When your ‘therapy sessions’ turn into ‘let’s watch Advent Children and eat doughnuts’ sessions. (Actually happened. I was so sad when I had to move.)

219.) …When your friend’s cell phone starts ringing, you tell her, “[Name of friend], your PHS is ringing!” Without realizing what you said.

220.) …She doesn’t catch it either.

221.) …You think Cloud looks better in a dress than YOU do…and you’re a girl.

222.) …Therefore, the next logical conclusion is that Cloud is more feminine than you are…

223.) …Which makes Cloud a girl marauding as a guy.

224.) …When you think this makes sense.

225.) …When you wonder how Reno can fight so well, when his Blood-Alcohol Content should technically have him unconscious.

226.) …When you wonder what the Turks spend annually on liquor alone.

227.) …When you wonder what Hojo’s resume looks like. ( > Contracted with a ‘calamity from the skies’ to destroy the world. > Invented over two million new ways to torture people. > Created over one hundred thousand hideously mutated crossbreeds…)

228.) …When you’re pretty sure you’ve figured out how to accurately simulate the effects of Makou Injections…

229.) …And are VERY disappointed when your ten-year-old sister refuses to be the guinea pig. (What? You DON’T want superpowers?)

230.) …When simulating Makou is the ONLY reason you majored in Chemistry.

231.) …When you want to major in Genetic Engineering so you can take over Hojo’s spot after you get him arrested on malpractice charges.

232.) …When you’ve cosplayed as Scarlet.

233.) …When you’ve created a life-sized chocobo to drag behind you at conventions. (I actually saw someone who did this.)

234.) …When you’re life’s ambition is to meet Tetsuya Nomura and convince him to keep producing FF7-related games and a sequel to Advent Children.

235.) …When your most cherished dream is to work with SquareEnix.

236.) …When you were HAPPY that those stupid flowers were blown up by Kadaj near the end of Advent Children.

237.) …When you spent more than three days absolutely furious that Aerith went and screwed up Sephiroth’s plans AGAIN. (WHY CAN’T SHE JUST STAY DEAD?!)

238.) …When you’ve managed to get your hair to do that weird, twisty-thing that Aerith’s does.

239.) …When you do this regularly.

240.) …When ‘saving the planet’ is on your ‘to-do’ list.

241.) …When ‘destroying all humanity’ is on your ‘to-do’ list.

242.) …When this list looks like: 1.) Murder Aerith. 2.) Destroy AVALANCHE. 3.) Destroy the rest of mankind. 4.) Become a god…

243.) …And this is posted in a public place…like, outside your dorm room.

244.) …When you’ve screwed up information on vital documents. (I knew a girl who wrote her name as Mellissa Strife…rather than her ACTUAL last name. She didn’t even realize it until the office returned the paper with a big, red circle around her ‘last name.’)

245.) …When you do this regularly.

246.) …When you’re getting your last name changed to that of your favorite character.

247.) …When you can’t focus on anything other than FF7 for more than ten minutes at a time…unless you keep relating it to FF7. (Who knows…maybe I’ll use calculus when I work for the Turks…)

248.) …When nothing seems more important than breeding a gold chocobo. (Sleep is overrated anyway.)

249.) …When you wonder if people on the FF7 world eat chocobo legs, since we eat chicken legs.

250.) …When the thought is appealing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

250! Yes! Only 4,751 to go!
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I feel a little obligated to give you all a little background on me:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm a freshman in college, studying Musical Theatre as my major. I do a whole lot of Final Fantasy VII fanfiction in my spare time. Spare time - the time that I'm NOT marching with the band OR at competition trying to knock my opponent's head of with a wooden stick.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The last name on the ID isn't my real one. This is actually my character's last name in a few of my fanfics.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yes, no matter what I say, I am rabidly obsessed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Poll #809166 Who is YOUR Favorite FF7 Character?

Who is YOUR Favorite FF7 Character?

Nanaki (Red XIII)
Cait Sith
* * *
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CALLING ALL FINAL FANTASY FANS: I once saw a *shudder* 'You know you watch too much Sailor Moon when...' list that had over 5000 posts. The list has been started, so ADD TO IT!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You know you’re an obsessed Final Fantasy fan when.....

1.) …You’ve played FF7 more times than you’ve watched Advent Children.....and you’ve watched AC *a lot*

2.) …You spend all your income on FF merchandise, doujinshi etc......yet you don’t even *have* an income (that’s not me - student loan counts - right?)

3.) …You have all the FF soundtracks and they are played more than anything else in your music collection.....you also have a “Final Fantasy” playlist on your MP3 Player, iPod etc

4.) …When you listen to your playlist you know exactly what game and what part/s the song starts even if its on random

5.) …You know the lines of the characters before they even say them

6.) …You don’t even have to watch the games as you play them coz you know everything
they are going to say anyway

7.) …You have a FF theme on your PC and on your phone as wellt...and have the AC ringtone

8.) …You have a whole section on your PC dedicated to FF pictures and its all categorised by game, character etc..

9.) …You get excited whenever you think you hear the name of your fav FF character mentioned in normal conversation or written somewhere.....and are extremely disappointed when you realise that you misheard (I always get excited when I see Rufus written somewhere then usually realise its Rufus Wainwright or someone

10.) …You are desperately trying to learn Japanese so you can buy the imports and play the games “as they were meant to be played”

11.) …You are working through playing *every* game in the FF series - which includes
all the spin-offs and every game that FF characters have been in - but the original games on the original consoles - NES, SNES, Gameboy, PS etc

12.) …You’ve done this and are now working through every game that Square/SquareEnix have ever made

13.) …You host a “FF marathon” annually where you play FF 1-10 back to back, continuously - no breaks except to go to the toilet or answer the door to the pizza boy

14.) …Your favourite way to insult someone is “you spoony bard!”

15.) …You dress as your favourite FF character - *all the time* to work, uni, school whatever

16.) …You change your name by deed poll to the name of your fav FF character....and desperately try and get them to change the birth date on your birth certificate as well

17.) …You have plastic surgery to look like your favourite FF character - though you’re a bit screwed if its one of the old SD characters - “why can’t you make my eyes half the size of my head?” - you’re even more screwed if it’s a non-human character

18.) …You name your pet after a creature in FF....believe me if I didn’t have to share mine then my black cat would be called “Dark Nation” instead of “Muffin” ....

19.) …You have a secret shrine in your bedroom to Tetsuya Nomura, Nobuo Uematsu, Kazushige Nojima

20.) …You speak Al Bhed

21.) …When you are going out with a group you say “let’s mosey!”

22.) …You hire a scientist to try and produce monsters for you to fight

23.) …You spend a lot of time in your garden practising the moves and limit breaks of you fav characters....though you’ve already broken a few bones and the police have arrested you a few times for swinging weapons about - even if it is in your own home

24.) …When you get into a fight at school or after closing time at the pub/bar whatever you try and fight in turns - though the opposition never seems to listen

25.) …You are continually monitoring your “HP Gauge”

26.) …You work in a shop and always give the prices in Gil

27.) …You buy an airship

28.) …You keep trying to play blitz ball but you have now been banned from the pool as the lifeguards say they can’t keep coming to rescue you every time you start to drown.

29.) …You shout at people in your house when they waste electricity by leaving a light on etc coz don’t they know that they are helping to deplete the lifestream?

30.) …You purchase an ostrich, stick features onto it’s bald bits and then dye it yellow and teach it to “wark”.. i.f you are on a budget/tight for space then you buy a white cat, stick a pom-pom on its head and another on its nose and try and teach it to say “kupo!”

31.) …You refuse to travel anywhere by public transport and instead walk everywhere till by chance you can freely procure/steal some kind of vehicle.... and also pick up strange randomers while you’re at it to join you.

32.) …You start your own business called Shinra Company, dye your hair blonde (if it wasn’t already), dress all in white and hire a group of hit-men to work for you and make them dress in a navy uniform

33.) …When you used to put your school uniform on (if your from a country where you had to wear it like me) you used to pretend you were a Turk (I had a navy uniform very much like the Turks uniform ^ ^)

34.) …You buy a set of small islands - have them shaped like the world map of your favourite FF, and then build scale replicas of the towns with scale characters to match - and then re-enact the whole game - if you can buy big enough islands then you become your fav character and hire actors to re-enact it with you.

Above donated by: Bangbangshinra

35.) ...When you will physically beat someone bloody if they so much as THINK about insulting Sephiroth.

36.) ...When you will physically beat someone bloody for insulting anything pertaining to any FF.

37.) ...When you know the words to the 'Katayoku / One Winged Angel' in English, Latin, AND Japanese - both versions.

38.) ...When you'll take on a FF7 debate with anyone on any topic any time...

39.) ...and win.

40.) ...When you've forgotten what color your walls actually were before you covered them with FF7 printouts.

41.) ...When the same as above applies to your ceiling...

42.) ...and door...

43.) ...and laminated printouts (mostly of Cloud or Aerith) on the floor.

44.) ...You base all you knowledge of sword-fighting solely on the interactions of Sephiroth and Cloud in AC.

45.) ...You're actually in kendo competitions, and use Sephiroth's fighting stance as your own. (Guilty as charged)

46.) ...You're convinced that Hojo IS Satan.

47.) ...You've woken up from nightmares about Hojo.

48.) ...You have a full scale, FUNCTIONAL, replica of the Masamune in your apartment/room/dorm.

49.) ...For that matter, you also have a replica of Cloud's Buster Sword and Kadaj's katana.

50.) ...When you have no money at all left in your account and go into debt because you HAD to have that rare doujinshi on Ebay.

51.) ...When you forgo college textbooks in favor of a mint-condition FF7 strategy guide.

52.) ...When you had your copy of AC on reserve for more than six months.

53.) ...When you cried for sheer joy when it was finally in your hands.

54.) ...When you proceeded to watch it 20+ times until you were SURE you had the dialogue memorized.

55.) ...When you went to your Theatre course and recited Kadaj's monologue ('Mother has given me...a very special gift...') as your final exam for the semester...

56.) ...and got the only 100% in the 150+ person class.

57.) ...When someone tries to pick a fight on a FF7 topic and three people you've never met tell that someone, 'Don't do it! You'll lose!'

58.) ...When this has actually happened...

59.) ...and is true.

60.) ...When there is NOTHING in your day-to-day life that you can't relate to Final Fantasy.

61.) ...When your best friend is introducing you to someone new, she tells the other person, 'If you have questions about her likes/dislikes, think 'What would Sephiroth's reaction be?' and go from that. Don't mention you're a Cloud fan!!'

62.) ...When this, too, has actually happened.

63.) ...When you can actually write a list this long.

64.) ...When you actually know the Turks' last names.

65.) ...When you actually CARE.

66.) ...When Reno starts to make sense.

67.) ...When you think Rude's sunglasses are cool.

68.) ...When you realize that Elena actually has some merit as a fighter.

69.) ...When your cat/dog/goldfish is named Dark Nation.

70.) ...When the three cute, black, fan-tailed gold fish sitting on your desk are named Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz.

71.) ...When you think Aerith deserved to die.

72.) ...And laughed when she did.

73.) ...And then deliberately died vs. Jenova Life to watch the cut-scene again...

74.) ...and again...

75.) ...and again.

76.) ...When you are asked to draw a world map in Art V, and draw the world map of a FF game...

77.) ...And get a 100%.

78.) ...Your Creative Writing professor actually knows what a chocobo is.

79.) ...When the same professor is knowledgeable about the 'Jenova Possession Theory.'

80.) ...And becomes a supporter, though she had never even played the game. (I love you, Ms. Renard!)

81.) ...When you can actually beat the Emerald and Ruby WEAPONS without trying.

82.) ...When it REALLY pisses you off that Squaresoft couldn't be troubled to put blood into Aerith's death scene, but put it in for Sephiroth's.

83.) ...When you cried because he died.

84.) ...When you fainted when he died. (Guilty. I think I had just been standing there, watching my friend play for too long... >.>)

85.) ...When you wrote 10, 20, 30+ page essays trying to support your theory that Rufus really was the man behind the cloak prior to ACs release.

86.) ...When the thought that it might be Hojo made you cringe.

87.) ...When you can come up with a viable reason to hate every member of AVALANCHE.

88.) ...When you can write two complete novels, totaling over 600 pages, solely based on explaining the Jenova Possession Theory. (Guilty)

89.) ...When you wonder what Tseng did to deserve Reno's horrible behavior and bad habits.

90.) ...When you spend hours trying to figure this out.

91.) ...When you spend over two hours pondering how Tseng could be stabbed, have a building (the temple of the Ancients) dropped on him, recover from that and proceed to get shot multiple times by Yazoo...and still manage to appear at the end of AC to save Rufus...without a hair out of place OR a wrinkle in his uniform.

92.) ...When you think ties are sexy.

93.) ...But think Reno is sexy without one.

94.) ...When you can come up with reasons that the Turks should have their own game.

95.) ...When you were ecstatic to hear that there WAS one (Before Crisis).

96.) ...When you're SURE that Cloud has at least 10 fewer IQ points than the three aforementioned goldfish.

97.) ...When the only way to get your attention is by making a reference to FF7.

98.) ...When marching in the half-time show with the band, you think, 'Damn, this isn't nearly as bad as SOLDIER training.'

99.) ...When you become drum major and instantly implement a push-ups and lap-running discipline technique...

100.) ...And when your director tells you you're being too hard on the band, you reply, 'No I'm not! General Sephiroth would have made that little **** do fifty!'

101.) ...And he gets the reference.

102.) ...When the director's son's first words have something to do with FF7. (His first word was 'Sephyrosss' and I've never been prouder.')

103.) ...When the director's son wants to grow up and be 'Sephyross'.

104.) ...And the director is okay with this.

105.) ...When you modify the drum major salute to standard military style.

106.) ...When the ringtone on your black, motorolla razR phone is the victory fanfare.

107.) ...When you can come up with a viable reason to hate every member of AVALANCHE.

108.) …You would KILL to own a chocobo.

109.) …You spend your life in search of marbles big enough to be called materia.

110.) …You were devastated that the materia Kadaj used to summon Bahamut SIN was GREEN, not RED.

111.) …It really bothered you that the word ‘phone’ was substituted for ‘PHS.’

112.) …When you realize that your materia-absorption theory was RIGHT…

113.) …and you were ecstatic for weeks after.

114.) …When you can actually wield the Masamune and NOT hurt yourself.

115.) …When talking tigery-cat-thingamabobs (Nanaki) seem totally normal.

116.) …Actually, a self-reliant robot also seems normal.

117.) …You spent more than an hour trying to figure out why Cait Sith had a Scottish accent, when Reeve clearly didn’t.

118.) …You’ve sat down and come up with over 50 reasons that your least favorite character should be electrocuted by a toaster.

119.) …This actually seems like a good way to spend an afternoon.

120.) …When walking into an anime shop to ask about the next shipment of AC wall scrolls, the guy behind the counter can tell you’re a Sephiroth fan…

121.) …even though you left your full-length black leather trench coat in your house.

122.) …When you’ve been told by more than three people you don’t really know that you remind them of your favorite FF character.

123.) …When you take this as a compliment.

124.) …When you can name all members of the Shinra Hierarchy, as well as their jobs.

125.) …When you have completely memorized the FF7 landscape and can list, off the top of your head, which monsters are indigenous to what areas.

126.) …When you’re fluent in Wutain.

127.) …When you speak Wutain better than English.

128.) …When, while working on a French exam, you can’t remember a certain word and unknowingly replace it with the Wutain equivalent…

129.) …and when you get the test back, that word is circled in red pen with multiple question marks…

130.) …so you patiently explain to her that it’s WUTAIN! Honestly, I thought everyone knew that!

131.) …When you decide that the concept of breeding Aerith to Nanaki really isn’t that strange…

132.) …And applaud Hojo for doing something entertaining for once in his miserable existence.

133.) …When this brings the number of ‘good’ things Hojo has done in his life to three – the other two being creating Sephiroth and shooting Vincent.

134.) …When you can’t come up with a good reason that Sephiroth SHOULDN’T become a god.

135.) …When nothing is more appealing than the thought of living on the FF7 planet.

136.) …When you have job skills that would ONLY be marketable in Midgar. (What? You
mean you CAN’T breed a gold chocobo? What’s wrong with you?!)

137.) …When you know the geography of the FF7 planet better than Earth.

138.) …When you think Tonberrys are cute…

139.) …and have a Tonberry plushie on your bed.

140.) …When you have actually tried to construct an EMR (nightstick) like Reno’s.

141.) …When you have no problem justifying wearing a navy suit and tie to school, every day, even though there is no school uniform…

142.) …and you’re a girl.

143.) …When you shell out $300+ dollars on a full length leather trench coat…

144.) …and wear that to school every day, no matter how hot it is.

145.) …When people you don’t know comment on how much your personality is like [insert your favorite FF character here]’s, even though you’ve never met them. (Did the ears give it away? – Quote from a Freya fan)

146.) …When you get REALLY angry because, no matter how hard you try, or how many years you take gymnastics, you just can’t seem to get Yazoo’s fighting style right.

147.) …When punching down a tree over five feet in diameter seems normal.

148.) …When you wonder if the Turks could use a fifth recruit.

149.) …When you wonder if Sephiroth needs a spy to check up on AVALANCHE.

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